Bush and Park Care Group - 3rd Feb 2024

Another day in the park, at South Turramurra, low on resource and volunteers today. Though we got a bit done looking after the native creepers under the trees in the green area Infront of the South Turramurra Shops.

Clean Up Turramurra - 3rd Feb 2024

Another clean up done and dusted and we were happy we left the streets in South Turramurra so much more cleaner!! ❤️. Thanks to our volunteers Sharon, Chris, Dilhara and Mitch for you help today.

Collectively we picked up about 5kgs of rubbish from, cigarette butts, toffee wrappers, plastic drink bottles,coffee cups, pizza boxes and many more micro plastics. 

All data is recorded for statistics as it is entered in to Clean Up Australia national statistics.

Clean Up Turramurra - 6th Jan 2024

This was our first Street clean-up for 2024!

Yesterday Beverley Gwatkin and Mitchel Campton and Tamara took to the streets of South Turramurra for a street clean up. We started at the Vernon Street BBQ area where we met on the 1st Saturday of every month and went on to clean up around, field of dreams, Aluba Oval, Balmaringa Park, Maxwell Street, Kissing Point Road and the South Turramurra Shops. 

Lots of rubbish picked up amounting to about 4-5kgs. Bottles and bottle lids, toffee and food wrappers, cigarette butts and much more. Most rubbish came from a couple of buildings site and around the South Turramurra shops though the waste was much lesser due to school holidays.

We were excited as we were collaborating with Clean Up Australia and our clean ups are registered with Clean up Australia. Our data is now collated and sent in for statistical purposes!!

Bush and Park Care Group - 2nd Dec 2023

Another parkcare day at South Turramurra Shops Green area as the Lions Club of Turramurra, Friends of Lions and Youth4difference went about tidying and cleaning the park area in front of the South Turramurra shops. Thanks to our volunteers Kim Yip, youth4difference and Tae Kang for the volunteer work.
The little native plants we are growing under tress are needing so much love and watering and we are so pleased that they have started to grow now!!
Love for you come along to help if can!!

Clean Up Turramurra - 2nd Dec 2023

Once again we completed another clean up in South Turramurra and the shops area and Turramurra IGA shops area today and collectively we picked up about 8-9kgs of rubbish from the streets. You may see the garden plant beds near the Turramurra shops with litter in them!! so sad to see the native plants also affected. So to anyone adding cigarette butts or toffee wrappers, we ask you to kindly use the bin just next to it instead of the garden beds please.
We picked up mostly plastic wrappers, toffee or lolly wrappers, bottles, lids, cigarette butts, papers and cans all saved from washing in to drains and subsequently to oceans.
Thanks to our volunteers Sharon Beckett, Tae Kang, Tim Bishop, Roshan Wicks, and our new helpers from @Youth4difference - Christian, Callum and Summer.

Environmental and Sustainability Forum - 4th Nov 2023

Lions District 201N5 -Environment and the Lions Club of Turramurra organised a Environmental and Sustainability Forum at the Blair Wark VC Community Centre in Lindfield to launch a sustainability discussion and spread the news about what anyone can do to help reduce impacts of environmental and sustainability issues.  

Bush and Park Care Group - 7th Oct 2023

The green park area in front of the South Turramurra shops is developing. You may have already seen the native plants growning around the trees in the green area near the South Turramurra shops.
Under the guidance of Lindy Williams from the
We meet monthly as park care group to revive and beautify the park.
Quite short of volunteers this day though the 3 volunteers present along with Lindy from Council managed worked harder to achieve the task.
Thanks Kim Retson-Yip and Dee Campton for your help.

Clean Up Turramurra - 7th Oct 2023

The Lions Club of Turramurra and our volunteers completed the monthly clean up in South Turramurra. It was quite surprised that there was not too much waste around. Perhaps may be because of the school holidays and no sports activities. Though it was really good to see.
Thanks to all our volunteers Kim Retson-Yip, Beverley Gwatkin, Dee Campton and Tim Bishop who helped out in the clean-up.

Bush and Park Care Group - 9th Sep 2023

Lots of volunteer work took place at the South Turramurra Greens in front of the South Turramurra Shops!!
The Lions Club of Turramurra, Ku-ring-gai Council and volunteers helped weed and mulch the trees in the Park there.
We are making this park a place to enjoy!!
Thank you to Mitchell Campton, Dee Campton, Kim Retson-Yip, Taewoo Kang, Roshan Wickramanayake and Tamara Wickramanayake for volunteering.

Clean Up Turramurra - 2nd Sep 2023

The Turramurra Lions and our Volunteer friends of Lions once again took to the streets to clean up South Turramurra.
While enjoying a cool and relaxing morning we picked up glass and plastic drink bottles, broken glass, cans, cigarette butts, pallet ties, plastic cling wrapping, pens, toffee wrappers, chip bags all on the streets down from Canoon Road to Saddington, Kissing point road and Maxwell streets. We also cleaned Aluba Oval, Vernon Park, Saddington Park and surroundings. More than about 6kgs of rubbish removed from Washington to drains and ending up in our oceans and more so that our streets look amazing and clean making our surroundings we live in beautiful.
A big thank you to Tm Bishop, Kim Retson-Yip, Beverley Gwatkin Sharon Beckett
Loving Living Ku-ring-gai!

Clean Up and Park Care - 6th Aug 2023

Every month for the last 3 years a few volunteers join us at Vernon Street park Bbq area on the 1st Saturday of the month to help to clean up South Turramurra streets. 
It's amazing that every month we manage to collect about 5-6 kgs or more rubbish from our streets. This week we picked up a lots of trash too. Bottles. Stoppers, toffee wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic wrapping or packaging ect.. avoiding them washing down in to the creek and ending up in the ocean.

In conjunction with Ku-ring-gai Council and Lundy our wonderful bush generation coordinator from the council, we planted in the local park green area in front of the South Turramurra Shops to keep the area beautiful. We planted small native plants under the bigger trees there again and we appreciate the work put in by our volunteers and the club members.

Clean Up and Park Care - 1st July 2023

A big thank you to all our volunteers and members who participated in the street clean up and park care today.
Collectively we collected about 5-6kgs of rubbish from the streets in South Turramurra. Lollies wrappers are a common issue, cups, plastic bottles and even a spade head, all saved from going into waterways and down gutters. Most importantly the regular clean-up keeps our streets clean and beautiful for all our residents and local community.
The green area in front of the South Turramurra Shops were also on our schedule today as we watered and maintained the native plants we are growing under the trees in the park area which we have mulched and propped. We hope you enjoyed the plants give away too.
Thanks to Mitchell Campton, Dee Campton, Tae woo kang, Sharon Beckett and Beverley Gwatkin for joining in the clean up today.

Bunnings BBQ - 17th June 2023

The Lions Club of Turramurra successfully organised a barbeque at Thornleigh Bunnings. 

All money raised and donated will be for the activity fund. 

Bush and Park Care Group - 3rd June 2023

Thanks again to our volunteers for helping us today with the parckcare work today. The Greens near south Turramurra shops looks so much better.
The little native plants are starting to grow!
Kim Retson-Yip, Tae Kang,  Roshan Wickramanayake, Tamara Wickramanayake, Dee Campton, Mitchell Campton and Tim Bishop
Loving Living Ku-ring-gai!

Clean Up Turramurra - 3rd June 2023

Another lots of rubbish! Well yes picked up around South Turramurra today!!
Thanks Kim Retson-Yip, Tae Kang, Beverley Gwatkin and Tim Bishop for volunteering today!
Around 6-7kgs rubbish picked up, mainly around the south Turra shops, building sites and field of dreams
Thank you to all the volunteers

Bush and Park Care Group - 6th May 2023

Following a street clean up today we the members of the Lions Club of Turramurra and volunteers of Lions, also met at the greens area in front of the South Turramurra Shops to participate in some park care activity today.
You may have met us at the shops today and even received a free Basil plant grown in Hydroponics donated to us by https://www.urbanplantgrowers.com/ to take away and plant in your garden.
In the park area we planted some native violets amongst tree there as we weeded, mulched, watered and planted under 2 trees brining the planted trees canopies to 6.
Tiresome but enjoyable activity and a starting place that is in its transformtion, though there are some miles still to go.
Thanks again to our members and to our volunteers who participated in today's planting. A thanks to Tom at the South Turramura Post office https://auspost.com.au/locate/showpop/246799 and Taewoo Kang from the Salvation Army shop Gordon for joining in today.
We meet once a month on the 1st Saturday of the month at 9.30 am infront of the South Turramurra Shops, please join us next time.

Clean Up Turramurra - 6th May 2023

The Lions Club of Turramurra organised its monthly clean up once again in South Turramurra today.
We picked up about 5-6 kgs of rubbish, including plastic containers, cigarette butts, lolly wrappers, bottles, and plastic pieces.
A big thank you to all our Lions Club members and volunteers for their help today. It was very encouraging to see new face join us today and our heartfelt thank to all who participated.

Bunnings BBQ - 5th March 2023

The Lions Club of Turramurra successfully organised a barbeque at Thornleigh Bunnings.

All money raised and donated will be for the activity fund.

Bush and Park Care Group - 4th March 2023

We're really happy to finally be able to plant and maintain the green park area in front of the South Turramurra shops today.
Bush and Park care group, Mitchell Campton, Dee Campton Roshan Wickramanayake, Tim Bishop, Kerrie O'Brien along with the Leo's Club of Turramurra, Oscar Nellist.
Thanks heaps everyone for your time volunteered today and to Lindy Williams from Ku-ring-gai Council, who was here to help us and train the team of volunteers!

Clean Up Turramurra - 4th March 2023

Another month and another cleanup as The Lions Club of Turramurra organised its monthly street clean up in South Turramurra.
Despite the ongoing monthly clean-up, we have been doing over last 3 years it's so sad to see that still there is so much waste/rubbish dumped on our streets, parks and bush areas.
Today we picked up around 15-17kgs of rubbish, mainly coffee cups, cigarette butts, toffee wrappers, plastic cling wrap, lots of paper, bottle lids, straws!! Plastic snack bags and much more. All that potentially could eventually end up in the ocean, decimate in to microplastics, get eaten by ocean fish and crustaceans and end up in humans eating this food. !! Yes that is us unknowingly eating the yummy seafood we all love, now containing plastic toxins. It's true to say we are what we eat!!
A big thank you to Mitchell Campton, Dilhara Campton, Roshan Wickramamanayake , Tim Bishop, Kerrie O'brien, Steve as well Oscar Nellist and our new group of Turramurra Leo's from the high school who participated today. A BIG WELCOME to the Turramurra Leo's Club.
We meet on the 1st Saturday of every month at 8am at Vernon Street Park. So if you like to join in and help your community, please feel free to reach out to us ! Thanks
Tamara Wicks - Secretary

Clean Up Turramurra - 5th February 2023

Today Kim Retson-Yip, Mitchel Camptom and Tamara went out about our monthly task organised by
The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc. to clean up a little bit of our living surroundings mainly on our recreational spaces and local play grounds.

Working through from the bottom end of kissing point road, Vernon Park, Field of Dreams and Aluba Oval, we collective picked about 4-5 kgs of scattered rubbish/plastic waste.

From the usual toffee wrappers, cigarette butts, to bottles, cans, tissues, brown paper bags and straws all scattered and disposed off in the grounds and surrounding areas seemed like a common thing. It's disappointing that even area we use for recreational purposes are also common place of littering and goes unseemingly unnoticed by most bypasses.

Many though stopped to ask what we were doing or stopped to say thank you and was a nice gesture.
On more happier note we also got to meet with Lindy Williams form the KuRingGai Council to discuss some possibilities of establishing a bush care group to helps in expanding our work with the local environment and surroundings. So we are looking forward to this space.

We need a more volunteers and if you have an hour once a month on a Saturday 8-9am and you are happy give a lending hand, we love to see you. So please come along and get involved in the local surroundings.

Thank you to Lindy Williams form Council and all who participated today for taking time away from your weekend to give back time to your local community and its environment

Clean Up Turramurra - 7th January 2023

The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc. carried out a monthly clean up amidst the rain and very wet weather.

We mainly cleaned up South Turramurra around the creek and entrance to the Bradley reserve.
We picked up so much rubbish, bottles, cups, toffee papers, plastic bags and even milk cartons.
About 3-5 kgs in rubbish.

On a quiet rainy morning while cleaning up we took time to appreciate the local nature which was so nice. the beautiful creek flowing rapidly, bush turkey, pigeons, parrots and frogs were some we came across. This was so refreshing to see.

Clean Up Turramurra - 3rd Dec 2022

Another month came by and we at the Lions Club of Turramurra and our very helpful volunteers got together today to clean up our local streets with the intention of keeping our area clean and to reduce plastic waste scattered on our streets that usually ends up in our waterways!

We creatively picked up about 8-9 kgs of rubbish and saved it all washing away. Aluba Oval a focus point today was reported to have had a lot of toffee wrapping papers. Others picked up empty plastic bottled, beer bottled..plastic bags, pieces of duck tape mainly in front of building sites

Christmas Get Together 2022

The Lions Club of Turramurra held its Christmas get together on Friday 25th November at the Pennant Hills Leisure Centre.

We were happy to have in attendance many of our very own club members, friends and family as well as our District Governor Lion Vin Pang, past District Governor Lion Sunil Amaratunga, Pennant Hills President Peter Watson , Cherrybrook President Helen Roth.

Everyone enjoyed the lovely music, sang Christmas Carols and had a sumptuous Christmas dinner specially made by our club members.

Thank you everyone for an enjoyable evening!

Clean up Turramurra  Commercial Area for a Plastic Free Environment - 27th March 2021

The Lions Club of Turramurra organised another local clean up (4th) in Turramurra this time in the Turramurra commercial area. 4 club members and 2 volunteer/friends of Lions participated in the clean up of the area near Coles supermarket car park & surrounding area, Uniting Church car park and surrounding roads and the Turramurra station and surrounding road as well as a long the Pacific Hwy.
We mainly picked up cigarette butts, Pizza boxes, confectionary wrappers, coffee cups, beer bottle lids and bottles were manly picked. In total 5 bag and about 6-8 kilos of plastic and other rubbish removed from washing in to the waterways and ocean. Thank you to Lions Roshan Wicks, Kuruppu Gunawardena, Shavera Gunasekera & to the Kimberlee Stevenson & Kerrie O'Brien for their great work in helping me in the clean up

By Tamara Wicks

Clean up South Turramurra - 6th March 2021
​6th March 2021

At our second monthly clean up on the 6th March 2021a group of four Turramurra Lion members, and five friends of lions gathered to clean up streets and parts of the bush in South Turrramurra.

We spent an hour each, this morning and cleaned up approximately 20km of street and parts of bushland up and down, with about 5-6kgs of waste collected.

This month we observed that the waste was found mainly near construction sites and bush areas and near bus stops. The breakdown of a sample of 2.9kg of collected showed 2kg waste*, 700g recyclable plastics and paper and 200g soft plastics (that were acceptable for recycling). Unfortunately, the soft plastics that were collected which normally could have been recycled was too dirty so had to be binned.

Thank you to the friends of Turramurra Lions, Kim Retson-Yip and Petrina and her friend and Sarah Lou and Laurie Tre and to lions club members, Tamara Wicks (Event Planner), Roshan Wicks , Dilhan Wickremanayake and Tim Bishop who joined us in the clean up today.

By Dilhan Wicks

Clean up South Turramurra - 6th Feb 2021

At the Lions club of Turramurra the Environment and sustainability is the signature project of the clubs and on the 6th Feb 2021 a group of 7 Turramurra Lions and a group of friends of Lions gathered to clean up the streets and some part of the bush in South Turramurra.

Just spending an hour or an hour and a half each (once a month), we managed to clean up approximately 14km of street and parts of bushland up and down, with 6-7kg of waste collected.

It was quite a surprise to see pieces of waste such as Micro plastics, plastic bottles, Single use bags, PVC pipes, Waste paper, Aluminium drink cans, Tarpaulins, Face masks. Wrapping paper, cigarette butts, Plastic netting, Single use cups, Whipper snipper cord, Confectionery wrapper and Doggie poop/bags as well.

The purpose is threefold, to create a clean environment for us to live in, reduce plastics/micro plastics washing up through our creeks, drains & water ways into the ocean and help people understand the reasons and importance why.

In doing this activity, we observed some trends such as larger roads had more waste, Creeks often had washed up plastic along the edges and most of the waste was found in places between residential areas and bush areas and near bus stops. It was great to notice that there wasn't much waste around houses, which goes to say local residents do the right thing.

David Attenborough’s documentary’s and call for urgency on this can be found in his videos on Netflix and you tube. Here is a one simply explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTcMPy6L88E

Thank you to the friends of Turramurra Lions, Steve and Kim Yip, and Petrina and to the lions club members, a big thank you to Lion Tamara Wicks -Secretary (Event Planner) and also to Lion Roshan Wickremanayake  - President, Lion Tim Bishop, who joined us in the clean up today. 

If you would like to join us or need help creating a clean-up group near you please do not hesitate to contact Tamara at the Lions Club of Turramurra on 0401687879 and she will be more than happy to assist you. 

By Lion Dilhan Wicks

Community Planting Day
​2nd August 2020

The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc. participated in the Ku-ring-gai Council's - Community Planting day at the Bannockburn Oval. This was organized to celebrate the "National Tree Day" which was on the 2nd of August 2020. We had a total of 20 members /family participated in the event. The team enjoyed being a part of the Council's community event and worthy cause. More information can be found on our Facebook  Page.

Plastic Free July..
July 2020

(and yes, we know it's not July...) but we can still commit to help reduce plastic waste throughout the year and not just July! and yes, we know it's not July...) but we can still commit to help reduce plastic waste throughout the year and not just July!and yes, we know it's not July...) but we can still commit to help reduce plastic waste throughout the year and not just July!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful community areas. We have participated in the Plastic Free July project to do our bit to help. More information can be found on our Facebook  Page.


We serve to prevent avoidable blindness and improve quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired. The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc collects eyeglasses and hearing aids for distribution around the community and in Sri Lanka. We conduct eye and ear screenings for free in the Lions Mobile Sight and Hearing Van and partner with local eye doctors to provide low cost eye exams, eyeglasses, and even surgeries to eligible residents. Our club is unique in that about half of our members are visually impaired, which gives us insight into the needs of this population.


The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc is passionate about recycling! From bottle caps and pull tabs, to egg cartons, to eyeglasses and grocery bags, we care about our environment. Our club also runs 4th Grade Foresters where we provide trees for 4th grade students to plant. We serve to sustainably protect and restore our environment to improve the well-being of all communities. We’ve seen how our stewardship of natural resources can improve quality of life and increase engagement in Hampton Roads. We will continue to work for the health of our planet.

Do You Think Sustainability is Important?

We  would love to hear your thoughts on sustainable lifestyles and the areas you are interested in.Your valuable input will help us to better understand  and identify the best strategies and initiatives needed for the sustainable lifestyles we will need in the future.

Waste Tracker
​We at the Lions Club of Turramura, have started to measure domestic waste on a weekly basis. If you are a member of our community and would like to join hands with us to reduce household waste please use our tracker to keep track of your domestic waste.
​Help make a difference in our environment every day !


From the Recycle For Sight Website:

“Lions Recycle for Sight Australia is part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland and operating throughout Australia and overseas.

We receive requests from humanitarian organisations either travelling to a third world country or supplying shipping container loads of suitable humanitarian aid from Australia to groups in the third world”.

Items Accepted:

Contact Lenses
Hearing Aids

You can contact club president and make arrangements to hand them over. 

Roshan – 0434827770