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The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc. Charter Club

The Lions Club of Turramurra Inc. was started up  in April 2020 and was incorporated in May 2020 with 22 members. Our club has since grown to 27 members and we aim to make progress in community engagement and development through Sustainability & Service.

Our Signature project is part of the Environment cause and "Being Sustainable in our day to day life" is our aim. Through this we intend to work closely with the Ku-Ring-Gai Council and the local community to focus on ways to bring reduce house hold waste and bring communities together for a better tomorrow. 

We, as a group are committed to this project and have begun our journey of learning and developing to serve our community and the people. The Lions Club of Turramurra would like to invite you be part of our group as friends of Lions and work together to create more sustainable life styles in our everyday choices. Your participation in this cause is one extra step forward.

Living in the Ku-ring-gai National Park and its surrounding, it is important that we all do our bit to help the local area and environment and living a  sustainable life style can help immensely improve the environment we live in.

In the future we intend to expand the interest in living sustainable lives to the other district clubs, their communities and members and eventually around the country & globe.

We think each of us have a invaluable task to help build a better tomorrow. 

So you might ask, how do we start ? Well it doesn't take much for you to do. Every little task you do or don't will be a start.

Here are some of our ideas.

Household Waste Reduction:

One of the biggest tasks we can take on as individuals are household waste reduction. By making conscious choices about what you buy and through that choosing products that don't contribute to waste can help reduce our discarded waste/bins by 50-70%.  This in return will reduce the number of garbage truck required to collect our waste. Lesser Trucks lesser emissions increasing the quality of the air in the area. This is just one example but an effective one, that you directly have control over in your own space but will have an invaluable contribution. One by one we can help. "This is the power of One"

We would like to help you tack your waste and see the impacts it makes. To do this you can record your waste, compost and recyclables on our Waste Tracker below by clicking the  Enter Weekly Waste

Also Checkout our stories so far

Promoting Plastic Free July-                         - https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/

Tree Planting:

Planting trees is another project we are undertaking to do. We intend to plant 500-1000 Tress every year. 2nd August was Planet Ark's National Tree Day and the Ku-ing-ai Council organised a Tree Planting Day at Bannock burn Oval. Our team planted around 200 tress that day. It was a fun and fulfilling day.  We are making looking out for more project to help out with  in the communityWatch this pace and get in contact with us. If you are interested to come along to our next Tree Planting day please give us a call. (currently restricted due to COVID reasons) 

Collection of Spectacles:

We have already begun collecting old/used reading glasses to help people in lesser privileged places.  

You can donate your old/used reading glasses at the South Turramurra Post Office:

OR alternatively you can contact the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland

Our Team

We are a diverse group of people with a varied group dynamic. Older and younger members with varied skills and capabilities.

We would like to :

  • Meet people  & through it make friends and help each other.
  • Volunteer for worthy causes
  • Enjoy fun activities, food celebration and events 
  • Be there to help & work with the local Council and  community.

The Lions Club of Turramurra held its Christmas get together On Friday 25th November at the Pennant Hills Leisure Centre.

We were happy to have in attendance many of our very own club members, friends and family as well as our District Governor Lion Vin Pang, Past District Governor Lion Sunil Amaratunga, Pennant Hills President Cherrybrook President Peter Watson and Helen Roth
Every enjoyed the lovely music, sang Christmas Carols and had a sumptuous Christmas dinner specially made by our club members.
Thank you everyone for an enjoyable evening!!

More Information can be found on our Facebook Page

Our Community Projects

The Lions Club of Turramurra will work to bring together people and the environment and work hand in hand with the Ku-ring-gai Council to keep our community areas clean and environmentally friendly.                                                                                                           

Up coming Activities :

August :

Environment : 

1st August (Sunday)  - 10am - 1pm - Spring -National Tree Day is booked at the Bicententennial Park, West Pymble 

Health : Used spectacles Collection

July :

Environment :  The Golden Jubilee Oval Tree Planting and Bush care, at Esk Street, Wahroonga – Ongoing care –

Health : Used spectacles Collection

June :

Environment :  Plastic free July

Health : Used spectacles Collection

May :

Environment : 

1st May - 9am to 11am - Tree Planting Day - The Broadway/Bradley Reserve, Wahroonga Regenerate area with the Ku-ring-gai Council 

8th May - 8am to 9am - South Turramurra Clean up Day

15th May - 8am to 9am  - Comenarra to Pacific Hwy Clean up Day Meeting at Hamilton Park

29th May - 8am to 9am  - Turramurra Commercial Area Clean up Day Meeting at Cameron Park

Health : Used spectacles Collection

Hunger: 22nd May - Members    Cooking for the Hunger. Salvation Army Kitchen Chatswood.

Fundraising: 15th May - Members Family Night fund raiser

April 2021

Monthly Meeting- 11th April 2021 - Venue TBA


3rd Mar - South Turramurra Clean up Day - Cancelled due to school holidays and unavailability of volunteers

10th Mar- Comenarra to Pacific Hwy Clean up day - Meeting, Hamilton Park - Cancelled due to school holidays and unavailability of volunteers

24th March - Turramurra Commercial Area clean up  at Meeting at Cameron Park - Turramurra

Health : Used spectacles Collection cont..



March 2021

Meeting: Monthly Meeting- 14th March 2021 - Virtual


South Turramurra clean up 6th Feb & 6th Mar  -

Turramurra clean up13thMar-Meeting, Hamilton Park

Turramurra  Commercial Area clean up 27thMarch at Meeting at Cameron Park - Turramurra

Health : Used spectacles Collection Cont..



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